About us

About Adder

Here at Adder, we have developed display presentations for retail communication for more than fifteen years. Powerful display systems with patented products that excels as sales support, highlights brands and contributes to efficient store campaigns.

Smart and long term solutions

We start with a clean design, high Swedish quality, simplicity and durability. We supplement this with quality assurance, services that simplify the campaign work and a personal commitment. This is why Adder has an obvious place in retail environments and public spaces.. Today, our display systems are central communication tools for many of the world’s leading brands and major chain stores.

Developing tomorrow’s communication tools today

Adder’s display systems facilitate and improve your brand work. The campaigns become profitable, practical and inspire the end user. Your message will become a prominent part of the interior. Now we look towards the future, with a focus on broader solutions for semi-permanent retail communication.


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